guess what y’all ? even though y’all don’t really care .. I found out the aries guy birthday is really May 19 which is a day before mine .. which makes us compatible cause were both under the same zodiac sign .. I’m so relieved by that 😩😅 I got a date with him Saturday , we’re gonna kick it till ‘10 . I’m too pretty to be trusting a nigga to spend a night .. but we’re gonna see Annabelle , we gonna hold hands 👫 , ima curve his kisses lol , & were gonna go to a burger joint & share a milkshake to be cute. I’m just really trying to lay down , get my booty rubbed , and smoke with him. try to get in his head & stare into his eyes while we vibe off eachothers energy , I want us to listen to outkast & marvin Gaye .. ima sap but whatever. I’m just really excited !


have u eva been addicted to the way a nigga looks at u?